Hard Money Mobile is a private commercial real estate lending company specializing in short term asset-based loans. We recognize that each loan presents unique circumstances and therefore we place emphasis on innovation and efficiency, working closely with our clients to ensure project funding. Hard Money Mobile is a leader in the realm of direct lending, with closing times typically within two weeks, and a funding commitment issued within 48 hours.

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Your No-Fuss Solution to Immediate and Creative Financing

Based in Northern New Jersey, we offer alternative funding source as a fast and efficient  solution to your financing needs, based on your unique circumstances. Being a private lender with complete control of our own funds as well as immediate access to a vast network of investors, we are able to close deals within two weeks.
We aim to help you finance your commercial real estate project quickly with no fuss:

  • No multiple forms to fill
  • Closing in 2 weeks
  • Rates start at 9.99%

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We Deliver:

Hard Money

We are private direct hard money lenders who provide you access to direct, private, asset based hard money loans to help you fund your real estate investments.

Fast Processing

We can provide loan commitments in as few as 48 hours, and close the deal within two weeks. We understand that in some cases time is of the essence, and we are committed to get your project funded in a timely manner.

Local Services

We have a vast network of local partnerships: loan officers, appraisers, attorneys, etc., well equipped with knowledge of the local real estate climate and thus better able to provide assistance.

Financial Coaching

Is this your first time in real estate investment and hard money loans? No problem. Our team, who has been on the investor’s side as well, understand your questions and concerns, and will do their best to answer and address them, as well as provide you with support and their expertise.


Our experienced team calculates the risk and profitability of your project, maximising success and profit when you choose to close with us. We strive to get you the best deal possible with our calculation. We also offer draw management to protect and safeguard your investments in a rehab project.

Peace of Mind

One of our core values is reliability, and we pride ourselves in building and cultivating our relationship with our borrowers. We will be there for you every step of the process and assist you even after the deal is closed until your loan is fully paid off.