We offer a wide range of commercial hard money loan solutions

From real estate lending to new construction loans to custom made loans. Our loan program is created flexible enough to implement custom loans. Ensuring that client’s needs are met, we emphasis on innovative and efficient solutions. We started as lenders in NYC involved with commercial real estate, bridge financing, new construction loans, and heloc loans. We have now extended our reputation as a reputable lender in 46 states!

Commercial Real Estate Loans

CRE investing is a profitable business and if you already have experience it just got better. We provide you with solutions while guarantee low rates & fast turnover times.
Loan examples. shopping centers, offices, hotels…

Bridge Financing

Capitilize on your next opportunity by engineering a ‘financial bridge’ between your current capital to your future funds.
Loan examples, closed, open, first charge,second charge…

Construction Loans

Build a customized construction loan, according to your needs! You can get your rehab loan together with your aquisiton loan.We are determined to get you the best deal immediately.
Loan examples:New construction, rehab, remodeling

Heloc Loans / Cash Out Refinance

Use the value of equity you already own to get the money you need to continue to thrive. Perfect short term commercial loans to finance your receivables, investment properties or large inventory.
Loan examples: purchase investment property, upgrade your lender…

Asset based loans

Turning asset value into a collateral loan. Our assest based loans are used to take advantage of time strapped opportunities. Get the best loan at the right time.
Loan examples: commercial real estate acquisition opportunities as well as finance construction projects.

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Loan Criteria

Based in New York, we offer alternative funding sources as a fast and efficient solution to your financing needs, based on your unique circumstances.

Term 1-3 Years
Loan Area United States of America
Property Types All Commercial properties considered, including land
Loan Size $500k to $20m
Interest Rate From 9.99%
Amortization Interest Only with no prepayment penalty
Loan to Value Up to 65%, 100% on construction budget
Funding Fee Between 1% to 5% taken at closing from loan proceeds
Costing Terms Closings within 2 weeks

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Loan News

Bank Lending Freeze for Commercial Construction Loans and Why Hard Money Lenders are Here to Help

In today’s world, loans are very necessary. Businesses and assets would be abandoned if we lived in a world where people were unable to go beyond their financial limits. Due to the coronaviru[...]

HardMoneyMobile.com and Century Capital Partner Up

Hardmoneymobile.com and Century Capital Partners partnered to close a bridge loan in Elizabeth, New Jersey with a planned 80,000 sqft Assisted Living Facility. The estimated planned construction is[...]

Hard Money Mobile closed a $1,050,000.00 loan on Kingston, NY, 25,000 sq ft office facility.

Apply online at HardMoneyMobile.com for an immediate response      Please call us to fund your commercial real estate needs at (209) 666-6639.  Check out our current rates


PILOC Loan Closed in Ohio for 3.5 Million

Another successful PILOC (Portfolio Investor Line Of Credit) loan has been closed in Ohio for 100,000.00 dollars. The deal is part of a $3.5 million dollar portfolio with 7 residential and commerci[...]

HardMoneyMobile.com Closes Quick Mortgage Deal on Former IGA in Tennessee.

July 20, 2021 Victor Cohen, President of HardMoneyMobile.com, closed a deal on a one-story property (over 5 acres of land), that was formerly an IGA Grocery store in Benton, Tennessee. Broker recei[...]

HardMoneyMobile.com Closes Yet Another Deal in Maryland for $1,165,500.00

June 17, 2021 Elliot Auerbacher, CEO with his team at HardMoneyMobile.com, closes another deal in Maryland for $1,165,500.00 on a single-family rental homes portfolio. The Broker received $11,655.0[...]

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Our broker referral program is simple, and is both profitable to the broker and good for the potential borrower. The compensation you receive will depend on your involvement in the deal as well as the details of the loan itself.

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