We offer a wide range commercial hard money loan solutions

Every client and every project will always have different circumstances and factors to consider. We structure our loan programs flexible enough to meet each client’s needs, by emphasising on innovative and efficient solutions.

Our loan programs include:

New Construction

Renovate & Sell

D.I.P Financing

Bridge Financing

Loan Criteria

Based in New York, we offer alternative funding sources as a fast and efficient solution to your financing needs, based on your unique circumstances.

Term 1-3 Years
Loan Area United States of America
Property Types All Commercial properties considered, including land
Loan Size $500k to $20m
Interest Rate From 9.99%
Amortization Interest Only with no prepayment penalty
Loan to Value Up to 65%, 100% on construction budget
Funding Fee Between 1% to 5% taken at closing from loan proceeds
Costing Terms Closings within 2 weeks

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We are inviting you to partner with us! Sign up and get approved as a broker to get a percentage on the closed deals you refer to us!

Our broker referral program is simple, and is both profitable to the broker and good for the potential borrower. The compensation you receive will depend on your involvement in the deal as well as the details of the loan itself.

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