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Hard Money Mobile has a combined 50 years of experience in the finance and banking industry. We have served hundreds of companies with more than $500 million in loans. We began by serving the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Due to clients' requests, we have expanded our operations throughout the country.

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Bank Lending Freeze for Commercial Construction Loans and Why Hard Money Lenders are Here to Help

In today's world, loans are very necessary. Businesses and assets would be abandoned if we lived in a world where people were unable to go beyond their financial limits. If you are looking for ways to finance your project, Hard Money Mobile is here for you. Hard Money Mobile provides short-term asset loans for real estate projects. Our loan process is quick and less rigorous. Hard Money Mobile offers fast processing in closing loans, suitable loans, and minimal interest rates. Doing business with us comes with many benefits!


HardMoneyMobile.com and Century Capital Partner Up

HardMoneyMobile.com and Century Capital partner to close a loan in New Jersey for an Assisted Living Facility.


Hard Money Mobile closed a $1,050,000.00 loan on Kingston, NY, 25,000 sq ft office facility.

Apply online at HardMoneyMobile.com or give us a call at (209) 666-6639 for an immediate response. Check out our current rates: https://hardmoneymobile.com/bridge-loans-rate-sheet/index.php


PILOC Loan Closed in Ohio for 3.5 Million

Another successful PILOC (Portfolio Investor Line Of Credit) loan has been closed in Ohio for 3.5 million dollars. Want to learn more about our PILOC Program? Brian Stark (201) 880-7850 x142 national@centurycapitalfinance.com


HardMoneyMobile.com Closes Quick Mortgage Deal on Former IGA in Tennessee.

Victor Cohen, President of HardMoneyMobile.com, closed a deal on a one-story property, formerly an IGA Grocery store in Benton, Tennessee. Broker received $6,000.00 in commission.


HardMoneyMobile.com Closes Yet Another Deal in Maryland for $1,165,500.00

HardMoneyMobile.com closes another deal in Maryland for $1,165,500.00 on a single-family rental homes portfolio. The Broker received $11,655.00 in Commission.


Visana Capital Closes Deal in Towson, Maryland

Victor Cohen, President of Visana Capital and Century Capital Partners closes a deal on a property at 208 Maryland Ave, Towson, Maryland. The Broker received $7,200.00 at closing.


HardMoneyMobile.com Successfully Closes an $868,000.00 Deal in Maryland

The HardMoneyMobile.com team closes another deal with CEO Elliot Auerbacher in Maryland for $868,000.00 on a single-family rental homes portfolio. The Broker received $8,680.00 in Commission.


HardMoneyMobile.com Closes 1 Million Dollar Deal on Single-Family Rental Homes Portfolio in Maryland

Elliot Auerbacher, CEO of HardMoneyMobile.com, and team closes a $1,018,500.00 deal in Maryland on a portfolio of single-family rental homes. The Broker received $10,185.00 in Commission.


Visana Capital closes a deal in Historic Marion, Indiana

The Ridley Tower is in the Downtown Commercial Historic District in Marion, Indiana. This much needed loan from Visana Capital will enable the building to house 29 apartment units as well as commercial space and even common areas in the basement. This historic building has been described as “beautiful and one of a kind” and Visana Capital is happy to help it reach its potential.


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