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We are commercial lenders for retail malls, shopping centers, office buildings, and hotels.

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Hard Money Mobile commercial bridge loans are for financing your time-stressed project. When you find an opportunity to capitalize on a profitable real estate aquisition and you need to engineer a bridge between your current funds to your potential solution, a bridge loan is the way to go.

What is bridge financing in real estate?

You found the perfect property to purchase for your business which works out well because its the same price as your old office. Waiting to buy this new property until your funding comes in, runs the risk of losing it to someone else. You need to a money bridge between the two transactions, this is bridge financing. This is one example of bridge funding for real estate there are many more.

Commercial bridge lenders

Our commercial bridge lending is most frequently used for real estate acquisition and development or to get secured funding for your renovation project while you are in the process of selling a property. Hard Money Mobile commercial bridge loans are considered some of the best in the business. Your bridge loan terms may range anywhere from 12 months to 36 months.

Hard Money Mobile bridge loans can be used for a variety of things including commercial real estate, private lender for businesses, retail store loans and more…

The Hard Money Mobile bridgelending solutions Guarantee

Hard money mobile is here to provide an exceptional experience for each borrower. Whether you need a flip financed through a blanket loan, or a bridge lending solution for your NYC office, or any other custom loan we got you covered. We guarantee to work with you flexibly customizing the loan according to your loan needs!

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