Hard Money Mobile is North Carolina's best-rated online hard money lender.

As the best private money lenders in North Carolina, we at Hard Money Mobile supply you with the best hard money loans available from any North Carolina commercial lenders. Go on, compare us to any other hard money lenders or banks in NC and see for yourself!

If you want to start your project and you need easy funding we can help with a custom loan.

We can do all of the following lending services and more:

  • Construction of commercial building,
  • Acquisition and development loans
  • Secured loans for bad credit
  • Fix and flip hard money loans
  • Hotel loans
  • Secured financing
  • Rehab loan

We can guarantee you the best rates and the fastest funding options. Whether you need a hard money lender for flipping houses in Mecklenburg, construction of a commercial building in Wake, rehab loan in Durham, or acquisition and development loans to help you conquer New Hanover, if you live in the great state of North Carolina rest assure we can fund you.

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How do we know we can get you the best loan?

We are an online hard money lender with a closed network of private money lenders and banks. Anytime a loan application is submitted, we (‘we’ including ourselves, a private money lender) all compete for your loan application, compare the loans between our private lenders and banks, and then deliver you custom loan offers with the best rates and turnaround times!

We do all custom loans including secured loans, collateral loans / ABL(asset based loans), owner-occupied commercial loans, and everything in between.

Our private money lenders close nationwide loans.

Send your online loan application to a secured NC lender and get an answer right away!

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We lend in these cities and counties: Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem

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